Friday, April 1, 2011

NYC: 3/5: WSJ, Human Rights, AP, Clay Patrick McBride

Brett Carlsen and McBride

Alyssa Ki, Mike Bradley, Aaron Thomas, Alexis Lambrou, Danny Little, and Shane Keller

Aaron Thomas in Clay Patrick McBride's apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y. 

 Mark Ovaska and Peter Van Agtmael look at Jon Sanger's portfolio. Kate is on the right. Red Hook, Brooklyn, N.Y.

 Alan Chin and Peter Van Agtmael

A long, wild day. The WSJ was great if only for the reason that I've been reading it my whole life. My dad's a business man and it's always been around the house. The addition of photos and a magazine was revolutionary to me and, according to the DOP Jack Van Antwerp, the WSJ as well. 

Santiago Lyon is the DOP at AP and he spoke to us about wiring images, changes in the business, etcetera. Lyon is married to Emma Daily at Human Rights Watch, our next stop. She's beautiful. She cares about civil injustices. 

Clay Patrick McBride is something else. His dog Judy was thrilled to pieces to have all of us to play with and drool on. He pulled out this stack of custom leather portfolios from college until the present, about five in all, and went through them. One was gold with the heads of bullet casings on the front, others had leather jacket style covers. He's a far cry from the photos of war we'd see at the other places. The likes of U2 and Kid Rock were in his portfolio. Really great work. 

Personal notes: I made it to a Pinkberry! My classmates Hyun Woo SukAlyssa Ki and I went out for Korean food since they're Korean. I'm not sure what I ate, but it was damn good. This mostly vegetarian ended up ordering beef stew with clear noodles. Hyun told me to eat it like normal. Yes, Hyun, I usually eat spaghetti with chopsticks. It was difficult. The squid was so delicious.

Next to HRW, going to Brooklyn to chill with the guys I mentioned before was some of the best time of the week. Alan was editing his Egyptian protest photos, Peter, the Magnum photographer, was constantly redirecting the conversation to the original discussion, Mark said all sorts of things, and Jason played the devil's advocate with everything that was said. We stayed until almost 2AM and then Peter drove us to the subway. How many people get to do that? 

People are people whether they are rich or poor; famous, infamous or unknown. 

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