Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NYC: 3/5: Success

The morning of 29 March 2011, Josh Kuckens and Brett Carlsen wait for our class outside of the VII agency at 28 Jay St. Brooklyn, N.Y.

Today was tremendously successful. We started at VII (you really can't go wrong starting a day there!) where we heard about the organisation in their exhibition/lobby. From there we jetted to MediaStorm which is probably the biggest thing in multimedia/video production. They're focus is intense and it is on telling stories. I shot video at MediaStorm of the head honcho Brian Storm speaking but alas... I still don't have Final Cut up and running again so there could be an influx of video from this week at some point. 

Hey, I met Eric Maierson today. He produced Marcus Bleasdale's piece, Rape of a Nation which I've posted on Facebook multiple times and shown everyone. MediaStorm produced something for VII and the Getty guys know them too. 

As you may have guessed, we also went to Getty which was not quite as fantastic as VII. The best part was the multimedia piece at the beginning. They also mentioned Andrew Burton who interned for them who, as you probably do not remember, I met at the Northern Short Course several weeks ago. Click on his name. He's a year older than me and USA Today interviewed him on his work in Japan. 

After Getty, a few of us found our way to B&H Photo/Video where hundreds of people scurried around hundreds of men sporting curls and yamulkes. We then walked a solid 25 blocks to the Apple store only stopping once for cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery (Sugar Mountain in Rochester is better). 

Referring to my professor Owen Butler who tells us to do things (such as getting lost and being by yourself) and not to tell our parents, I think there's something to be said for ignorance. To save my life I couldn't tell you what parts of the city are bad. I travelled a ways on my own figuring if I can travel in Zanzibar and Iringa alone I can handle NYC. Tonight, at least, I was right. Seriously, listen to some of Andrew Burton's discussion on Japan. 

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