Sunday, March 13, 2011

Northern Short Course

Jonathan Sanger, Jonathan Foster, Theophil Syslo

Theophil Syslo, Emily Solo, Prisca Edwards

First of all, every aspiring photojournalist should bite the bullet, pay the money and go. I wasn't going to until I was chatting with Loret Steinburg about my future plans and she said I had to go and meet the hilarious and intense Jamie Rose (who works for Momenta Workshops) and talk to her about international non-profit and NGO work.

I almost missed the best photographer I had the privilege of seeing because he was last but you know what they say about the best. David Gilkey is a photo/video journalist who works for NPR (National Public Radio). He showed us work from Haiti, Afghanistan, and the Ukraine and stole my photographic heart.  

People to Look Up
Young Pros
 Tucker Walsh (Washington Post video intern)
Andrew Burton (freelance Syracuse grad who left in the middle of the course to cover the tsunami in Japan)

Not-As-Young Pros
Marvin Joseph did a kick-ass job on a man with traumatic brain injury for the Washington Post here
Chris Capozziello (RIT grad)
Jesse Neider (good work and I hear he's a cool guy)

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