Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beat the Old Man Challenge

Krista pauses for a picture after winning the first competition: a 3 mile run on the YMCA track

Steve's wife Dana and Krista greet Steve after he completes the 3 mile run. 

Nearing the end of the racquetball competition. Krista lost this event.

A basketball player from the next quart pauses to peer into Steve and Krista's competition.

Krista's grandparents Al and Carol Sealy watch the one-on-one basketball game.


Krista eyes an incoming pitch during the softball competition.

Steve nails another pitch. We were at a relatively safe height upstairs. 

Krista and her grandfather watch Steve hit the 60 pitches. 

Krista's family and Steve against one of the YMCA's murals after the competition. 

This morning I had the pleasure of photographing Rochester YMCA's Beat the Old Man Challenge. Krista Sealy, 16, of Hilton high school competed against the president of Pace Windows and Doors, Steve Abramson, 58, in a 3 mile run, 60 softball pitch hitting contest, and games of basketball and racquetball. There are plans for Krista to speak on Rochester's 101.3 Kiss FM to promote the concept of athletics actually being fun. Krista admitted she was nervous but she won the competition. 

Since she beat Steve in two contests, Krista will receive $200 in gifts and prizes and will also receive $1000 to be donated to the fitness program of the school she represents. 

Many thanks to the Sealy's and Abramson's for allowing me to photograph them today and also to Jay Polston of the YMCA for welcoming me to the event in the first place. 

Best of luck to you Krista!

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