Saturday, April 23, 2011

While You Were Fighting: Day 4

Juliana and Gabrielle play together on Tuesday morning while Juli is on break from school. 

Esther and Gabby pick out their favourite coloured gummy vitamins before heading to the laundry mat. 

Sarah pauses a game at the laundry mat to fix one of the Rapunzels' hair. 

Sarah trying to contact the operator of the laundry mat when the comforter was barely wet after 45 minutes in the machine.

In a moment of rare quiet, the girls Esther, Juliana, and Gabrielle sit in rapture watching "Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen" by the Christian children's movie company Veggie Tales. 

Two seconds before it'd been, "more ketchup?" and then a minor meltdown. Two seconds after, she was  a happy camper. 

As Sarah said on Facebook, she has her hands full. 

This is all from Tuesday on 19 April, 2011. When I arrived at the Fultons , Sarah was preparing to go to the laundry mat to wash a comforter after milk had been spilled on it the night before. After going to the local laundry mat in Lima and finding all of the large washing machines had been taken out, she decided to make the trip to Lakeville. The girls played together for the 45 minutes the load was going but when Sarah took out the comforter, most of it was bone dry and still dirty. The people she called could not do anything that day and Sarah was faced with a decision.

 Option A) She could either start the load, drive the 15 minutes back to Lima and put the girls down for a nap, wait, and return to put the blanket in the dryer. 
Option B) Put the load in the wash, wait, then take the girls for a nap while the load dried and return. Either way, the majority of her day was dedicated to washing a blanket and mothering three girls under five. 

Though I had to get to class, I believe Sarah's parents watched the girls while she worked out the dryer situation.

A lot of parents do have days like this while their significant other is at work but Sarah doesn't get much of a break. She was still patient with the girls who had no idea what was going on. Gabby kept putting in her lunch order of something like two hamburgers and fries. 

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