Friday, April 8, 2011

Central Park Medical Unit

After his shoe became untied, EMT veteran, Brennon Jones, took a faux fall and started hamming it up a bit.

Frederick laughs as the "unconscious" patient still manages to crack a few jokes. 

People looked but paid little attention to the team's training exercise.

Dan checks Brennon's pulse in the ambulance. The band next to Brennon's watch was a gift from his god-daughter. 

A friend of the team, Mike, stops by to say hello after Brennon has been "cleared". 

Brennon and Lex

The EMTs on this all-volunteer team are doctors, lawyers, young and older- Brennon was a journalist and publisher and has been on the team for 19 years. 

 (100% of donations go to supporting the efforts of the team!) They provide free emergency medical service to people in the park. It's an "incredibly rewarding, incredibly challenging" job that these guys do treating people and even saving lives. Formed in 1975 by a group of regular park goers, the team was created when they saw the lack of knowledge emergency response units had about the typography of the park as well as the slow response time. The CPMU is located within the park and can get to the scene in about 3 minutes instead of the 30-45 minutes it took in the past.

 Many thanks to Brennon, Lex, Dan, Ellie, and Frederick for allowing me to photograph a training session last Saturday.

Visit the CPMU's site to see what they do.

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