Friday, April 15, 2011

While You Were Fighting: Day 2

Today, Sarah and Esther were talking with Jordan on Skype when I arrived at 10AM. Afghanistan is nine and a half hours ahead! To be technical, the light was nice today as in, the sun was out so tungsten light wasn't necessary- quite wonderful. 

While watching them talk with Jordan, the fact that he's overseas but still involved in their lives became a reality. The other day when Gabrielle was on the potty in the living room and Sarah said, "Daddy would be proud," was one of several moments when Jordan has been mentioned. However, it had been years since I've talked to him and he was still the guy I knew nine years ago and had become distant. For Sarah and the girls, Jordan has been a father and a husband and he has been absent for a year. A fact that rang like a bell in the Skype video call. 

On a personal note, I last knew Sarah and Jordan nine years ago when I was thirteen and they were almost exactly the same age as I am now. They seemed so old and wise to me then! (As they do now).  The first time I heard Jordan's voice on Skype this morning I was shocked by the shift in his voice- he sounds much older! Nine years ago I was a kid and they were a young, married college couple.

 Who could have known that a war creating their separation would bring our lives back together? I only hope I can do this story at the high caliber it deserves and I am so grateful to Sarah for opening her home to me.