Monday, April 11, 2011

Lilac Queen Beauty Pageant


On Sunday morning I met Prisca Edwards at the Radisson hotel in Rochester, N.Y. to help her with audio recording and anything else she could come up with. Assisting Prisca limited me a little during the actual ceremony when both of our batteries ran out and she had to use my spare to record the big finale but at least it got me some singles and a lot of video to play with before then.  I even used gelled flash. What a concept. 

We had a lot of fun and following those girls around for 9 hours kept us really busy getting microphones on people and dumping the precious content of our cards onto our laptops. I had a crash course in putting mics on people and hooking everything up properly. It was a wonder! 

The end of the day led me to go up to the roof of the South Ave. parking lot and stand in the warm sun and wind for the first time in... about 7 months. Hallelujah, the winter's over. 

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