Sunday, June 24, 2012

One of Those Foodie Blog Posts

I made pizza today from the Vegetarian Times magazine. If they had the recipe posted online I'd send you to it but let's face it: you would never actually try making that pizza. It took me two full days to actually get it made what with it take 2 hours just for the dough to rise and having to retrieve peppers from the store last night. It wasn't supposed to have cheese but my brother refused to try it if it didn't have it. I realized how crucial cheese is acting as an adhesive for all the vegetables. So one had cheese and one just had a little sprinkle. 

Pretty beautiful aren't they? Mostly whole wheat dough mixed and kneaded with love. Fresh basil and thyme added as well but it didn't need it- the sauce was garlic- strong and potent. 

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