Saturday, June 16, 2012

One of the chief problems that inevitably comes with sharing your personal life with people is exactly that. You're sharing your personal life with people. Obviously, I haven't been doing that lately. Technically, if you asked the US border patrol, I've been back just over one month now. Really though,  it's only been about three weeks and it seems like a year.

I've been to Canada, gone apartment hunting, failed at making pavlova, learned to make amazingly popular New Zealand afghan cookies, missed church to catch up with my aunt, been to church, smoked a cigar with friends, applied for jobs, spent heaps on gas visiting people, helped friends move, went dumpster diving and raided Dunkin Donuts' for a treat at the end, been given a veggie garden to care for in Fairport, said goodbye to a friend, driven to Chicago, and been horribly ill with fever and coughing for almost a whole week. 

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