Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Delicious Dinner & Vietnamese Coffee

On the plate
1. Salad (4 kinds of lettuce from the garden, beets, steamed and chilled asparagus, onions, fresh red pepper, red cabbage and cucumber) with the world's most amazing balsamic, vinaigrette olive oil and a little of Wegmans parmesan dressing. 
2. Oven baked artichoke with garlic, olive oil, rosemary and a little lemon squeezed on top eaten with...
3. Homemade tzatziki my roomate Tonja and I invented in Spain (plain greek yoghurt- mine's from Wegmans, shredded cucumber, lemon, salt + pepper, and a lot of pressed garlic). 

In the cups
2 tbls. (ish) condensed milk to taste with fresh ground French pressed mystery coffee I found in the snack drawer and coffee ice cubes. Thanks to Tracey Curran in New Zealand for introducing me to Vietnamese style iced coffee!

In the chair
 one poison ivy covered brother and his new butterfly knife. 

I proudly made all the dishes! 

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