Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Chicago Bean & Navy Pier...(with a temperature)


the end of Navy Pier

Two weekends ago I drove 11 hours to visit my friend Angela from Tanzania. I got there, sat down for dinner, then we made a fire. Then we went out to hang with Ang's homeless friend Josh for a few hours. 

On Saturday she took me to Chicago to see the bean and Navy Pier where I lamely got sick for most of the day and we went home early. When I got home the next day after a grueling 10.5 hours I hugged my mom, collapsed on the floor with a 103 degree temperature and thought, "I didn't hug Mom yet..." Spent the next week in bed shivering in 85 degree heat. But all's well that ends well- Angela even survived Tijuana, Mexico. We both survived the week!

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