Friday, June 22, 2012

Genocide & Racism in South Africa's Post-Apartheid World

‎"Genocide Watch continues to be alarmed at hate crimes committed against whites, particularly against Boer farmers, an important early warning sign that genocide could occur. " -from the website of Genocide Watch

A story rarely told outside of Africa is the shift to whites being targeted and victimized. This piece is a reaction against this shift- albeit with roots in Apartheid and racism. Truly phenomenal work by the journalists. I have personally met several South Africans in the U.S. and New Zealand who have emigrated from South Africa due to safety concerns. 

In this situation, it's hard to know which side is telling the truth or how much of it. There are multiple websites dedicated to getting the word out about genocide against the Boers and to be honest, I find it hard to believe it all to be the recent work of black Africans. This Facebook page (Stop Farm Attacks Murders in South Africa) updates almost daily to provide information regarding what's going on.  However, in no way do I seek to promote racism. 

To be ruthless and unsympathetic, whites in general have treated blacks and every other race as inferior and subhuman for most of history. It was bound to catch up with us. On the other hand, I've read a couple of books, seen a film or two, and met people who in no way asked for or deserved the treatment they received. It comes down to this: it's all bad. What's been done and what's being done. It's all people hating and brutalizing other people with a whole lot of history and strings attached. 

*Personal note: I completely disagree with Franz Jooste's opinions and racist views. While there can be clear cultural differences that manifest themselves in the form of skin colour, no person should ever be thrown in the lot with everyone else. I have met South Africans who are against racism and treat their black South African neighbours as brothers who treat all skin the same and others who detest fellow human beings for being black. We are all different but fundamentally quite similar. We all know what it is to feel cheated, the desire to belong and we all require love and human connection to be on the better side of life. 

I hope you who read this post and watch the video will further researching on your own and seek and consider information from both sides. 

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