Friday, December 23, 2011

Why Yes, Yes We Will Marry You

Ty: Dear ****, why yes. Yes I will marry you.
Jesse: Dear Jesus, could you just arrange a marriage for T and I? Just tell us when/where. Love, Jesse.
Ty: Hahaha "but also, not anytime soon or we'll spend our lives resenting them for tying us down."
Jesse: Amen!

But really. It would make things simpler for most of us in this post.

Ty sends me texts just often enough to make me wonder what is going on in her head and always, always calls me out on things and loves Jesus.
Laura just got a World Vision Hope Initiative internship and is always up for adventure.
Danielle showed me her hairy legs and said something about feeling the wind blow around them.
Michelle agrees time well-spent involves eating ethnic food til we drop and talking about our same, strange habits.
Autumn is about to burst with baby Chapel and still keeps cooking and making me laugh and miss New York. A little.
Steph is willing to move to a third-world country with me and consider what Jesus means when He says things like, "Feed my sheep."
Jenny (who I know vicariously through Angela) kills me with laughter and rawness with her posts about living in Niger at No Zebras Here.
Angela challenges me every time we get on Skype together. And she's writing a book on nothing other than the Bible. Yes, that's the book for her.
Vince and I commiserate about our stress-induced problem of digging our cuticles and hangnails til they're a bloody mess.
Mom keeps me company when I'm out late and walking back alone. And is my Mom :)
Shelley is really busy, but still finds time to e-mail me and revolts against things like; permanent housing, children, marriage, and settling in one place. For now.
Kelsie is the youngest, closest married friend I have who makes me laugh and miss her and Nate.
Nadine is my living link between the US, Canada and Tanzania who reminds me I am loved and not crazy for feeling at home somewhere I didn't grow up and that I am always welcome to see her wherever she is in the world.

These people are my friends. There's more, but they've definitely been present with me on this journey :)

It's so good to have people in your life who have quirks similar enough to make you immediately bond but enough differences to challenge and surprise one another for a lifetime.

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  1. Ahhh... friendship:) What a list of beautifully diverse people who love you! I am happy to be on your list!!! And loving you (and your strange habits) is easy. xoxo