Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Exhausting Day of Rest

Today was supposed to be a restful, productive day. I would finish my scrumptious latte, exercise self-control and put the cookies away, clean the kitchen, put some laundry in, wave goodbye to everyone else and settle in to finish the video for our trip so far.

It was going swimmingly and then, unable to read the Italian label of the laundry detergent, I poured it on top. At first I thought it was the old, "Oh, the bottle's almost empty so we'll put water in it to get the last bit out" trick. But who does that besides my mom? It was bleach. My fingers were slick and the pool chemicals wafted into my nose. Plunging my hand in I pulled the top items out and examined them in the sun. They looked all right so maybe it was bleach for colours. Wrong again.

There is a sizable hole in the one pair that has bleach stains all over it. I'm terribly inept at sewing. It could have been worse, when I hung the clothes up only 60% had a spot here or there from the bleach. This isn't such a tragedy at home when you have more clothes to wear but this is all I have until at least May.

After that minor mishap, I edited all day long. From 10AM-5PM when I saved my video project in Final Cut for the fiftieth time (since auto save is not working) I sat in the kitchen. Confident my project was safe, I left for a few minutes to feed the horses and check my laundry dry-ness.

All the while, the rainbow spinning wheel of death was striking it's deadly blow to my project. Round and round it goes and it never stops so I hit force quit knowing I'd just saved it several times.

Alas. It's gone. Completely and utterly. Even if I try to revert the project, it's like today didn't exist (if only!). There is a black hole that all of my editing fell into and I was a half hour from being finished.

So I have nothing to show for this day except the horrid pinkish orange stains on most of my clothes. I also realized my favorite Nike running shorts have been gone for a long time and my second quick-dry towel for my hair is somewhere in France.

Ian is in Rome for tonight, hopefully enjoying his day off.

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