Monday, December 19, 2011

An Accidental Death at Novole

Last night everyone realized one of the horses had been missing for a couple of meals so Ian and I went out this morning to look for her. Lucio came out and found her. A neighbour had cut the fence when he was cutting wood and since the field the horses in doubles as the olive field and is on terraces, Lucio thinks she tripped on the fence or was unprepared for the drop. It looked like her neck was broken. 

No one showed much emotion as the neighbour dragged her behind the tractor up the hill to a clear area. The horse was being boarded here and was very old. Her owner seemed unconcerned she was dead and even relieved of the cost to board her and pay for hay. Lucio shook his head and felt bad for her preventable death, but told us this area was no place for horses. 

When everyone else had gone and the grinding of the tractor faded up the hill, the other horse came out from behind the tree and approached the body of her companion. Even though the dead horse snapped at her when she ate and was dominant, Lucio's horse was disturbed and frightened. 

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