Thursday, December 1, 2011

Italy's Most Eligible & Unshaved Bachelorette: Graphic Content!

And this is how it's done! 

Never, do I ever, want to do No Shave November again. At least once a day I look to untangle my pants from more brambles but wait! It's only my nasty leg hairs getting twisted around again. 

Discoveries: I have been bequeathed my dad's unibrow (not pictured!), as well as his leg hair and armpit hair. A lucky woman am I! My legs even have bald spots like his, except no one played Ouch Ouch with them which may have caused that. This is the game I played with my dad when he would come home from work. I would race upstairs after him and tear out his leg hairs as soon as they were in sight. Seriously. 

But let's be fair- I had my rainy-day barbie times and even a favorite blue dress I'd wear... in between playing in the mud and Ouch Ouch. 

Go ahead. Be grossed out. Call your mother, your children, your pastor, the media. But whatever you tell them, make sure you include that I'm an eligible bachelorette! Despite the horrifying and grotesque state of my under arms, I clean up rather well. So... gentlemen? Takers? 

And on this episode of Bachelorette, I'm going to shave. Wish me luck! Feel free to comment- someone already has on Facebook: "sick and wrong". 

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  1. Not quite braid-able but impressive none the less:) Not only do we share repressed OCD and control issues, we also share the unfortunate trait of excessive hair. FYI - my OCD self would NEVER EVER go that long without shaving unless I was hospitalized. Even then I have given Tim explicit instructions to shave it all to preserve my dignity! Happy shaving my friend:)