Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Novole & Fish Deaths

Top is the view from my window of the chapel (A.D. 1715) and the bottom is the last remaining of the four birds.

In a week from today I'll be heading to Palermo, Sicily to meet a new friend...who is from California, under twenty-five, lived in the same area of Tanzania I did, annnnd dated the same guy I did. But of course she's female as I've found little evidence of men travelling to Africa, or anywhere really.  I can hardly wait! I haven't hung out with any woman who's even remotely my age in almost two months. None of us women can figure out what men do all the time. Another topic, another day ;)

Our hosts went away for two nights this past weekend and left Ian and I in charge of the house and animals (two horses, four dogs, a bunch of cats, and one bird). While moving brush, Ian was nearly shot by a boar hunter (who was curiously standing on the road three terraces up and shooting into an olive grove) and it rained for two straight days so we couldn't go hiking. When Claudia came back I assured her the cat had not eaten the bird as she'd feared and assured her that the only creatures I couldn't seem to keep thriving (or breathing for that matter) are fish. In all seriousness, I'm an experienced house/pet/child sitter, but I will unintentionally cause the death of any fish you have. Once, we left mine on the counter in his bowl half-dead for four days while we were on vacation and when we came back, he was completely fine. Two days later he was dead. Ciao!

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