Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Win for Film!

possible light leak

Aunt Jen and Grandpa Hans

Sam, my almost cousin

My heart, I mean giraffes

Way back when it was cold out I bought an old Mamiya Sekor 1000TL for a whopping $15 at a mass indoor garage sale at the dome in Henrietta. Last weekend I bought a roll of insanely expensive Kodak Portra 400 ($7+4 for developing=$11) and gave it a go cold turkey to test the camera. All I did was colour correct the images a little. 

Grandpa Hans took a picture of me (he's the fellow who introduced me to things like depth of field, aperture and shutter speed) and asked if the camera had batteries since the meter light wasn't on. I honestly forgot cameras needed batteries for that sort of thing and was elated that my photographing wasn't dependent on batteries or light meters. Win for film!

1 comment:

  1. Look at my mom, always trying to dodge the camera's eye. :)

    I like your photo of my brother a lot.

    Does this mean we are "almost cousins" also?

    Someday film and I wil meet. I had the chance to while in New Mexico but heard the teacher didn't really teach - he expected you to read the book and not bother him with questions. And he called that school. Bah.