Friday, July 1, 2011

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee! (at any age!)

Coach Andrew Lennox

After making the decision to leave RIT's crew team at the end of the winter season, I still craved to be on the water again. Nothing in life is ever repeatable and I'd be hard pressed to forget the painful early morning work-outs and the thrill of being in sync with a team of tough, super great women on the water.

 Just as school came to an end, an opportunity arose and I was able to join the women of Adventure Out! in rowing on the Erie Canal for a month. Crew is expensive though and I couldn't afford the summer session so naturally, I asked to come back and ride in the pace boat and take photos. Julie Doyle, the coordinator of Adventure Out! was happy to let me come along so yesterday as the sun crept towards the treed horizon, I used that bench on the little boat for all it was worth and managed to not capsize the boat.

 If you're anything like Professor Snyder, all you want to know is where the tight shot is of the face and the act of getting the boat into the water and out. The shots of shouldering the boat down are sub-par (and to exert my independence, this is my blog) and I was quickly drafted to help carry the boat up, my camera and lifejacket bouncing on my shoulder. This is one instance, possibly the only one, where being tall and young is a disadvantage. Older, shorter women don't carry the weight of a boat the same as eight RIT women. The boat got in though :)

I would probably bring a 300mm lens if I were ever to do this again for some of those intense faces and another body. But I'd waited a month for the Leica M8 and it I'd have to have turned it in to get another 5D Mark II! Some days, well, every day, we have to make decisions we can live with and do the best we can with what we have. 

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