Friday, July 8, 2011

Mary's Place & Charlotte Beach

Salome, 13 from the Congo

The top one is pretty much the only photo I took when I volunteered for the day at Mary's Place when they went to Charlotte Beach yesterday. There we were, almost all of us volunteers yet again women, walking down the street with kids from Nepal, Congo and Sudan. We stuck out!

 I had my first RTS (Rochester Transit System) bus ride with Awal. I realized on the way back that I hadn't been on a bus since I rode from Tanga to Arusha late last August. It wasn't so different since I was riding with a lot of kids from Africa only, nobody asked to marry me. A humbling experience indeed. 

The bottom two I found on my camera after it spent an hour in the hands of multiple kids on Tuesday. Almost all of them are out of focus and lopsided because the kids just hit the button but once in a while there's some cool ones! It's fun to go through them. 

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