Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Indiana & Memories

Jo watches the royal wedding on Friday morning before we head out. 

Jo turned just in time to watch the kiss and Heather whirled around in her chair a second too late. Pole sana.

Heather leaving Payne's.

Taylathon bike race

Laura's mom and sister at Ivanhoe's.

This past weekend I drove to Taylor University in Upland, Indiana with my friends Jo, Heather and Christine to meet Laura, Angela and Emily for a reunion. Two years ago, almost to the day, we said goodbye to one another in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and have stayed in touch. 

Now, we're moving on. I'm heading out into the world to travel (and returning to RIT for a final quarter or two), some of us have jobs, a couple from the trip are engaged or married and couldn't come, and others are moving away to start life after school. 

 The first time we saw elephants and zebras, heard Dr. Arensen's stories and ate flying ants we were together gasping in awe and laughing. All of us have changed some but our life together in Tanzania is the common thread that ties us all together.

For your entertainment...
Engaged, Engaged, Single, and Married after running something like 8 or 10 miles near Masumbo in Iringa, Tanzania. Don't run barefoot that long with an infected heel. It's a long run.


  1. Oh Jesse...I had completely forgotten about that run. What an adventure it was. Wow. Serious memories flooding back right now. I remember getting back and being surprised that no one was worried about where we were. Dinner that night was noodles with chopped up hot dogs. We almost got attacked by the cobra in the dark (or at least we were afraid that it was a serious possibility). Thanks for the memory!

  2. Megs, my favourite part was when we were running along towards home and you came running up the path towards us- presumably also on the way home. TIA!