Sunday, May 15, 2011

While You Were Fighting: Home at Last I/II

Sarah tried on a few different outfits early afternoon in preparation for our airport safari. This was shortly before she found out Jordan's plane had been delayed which would cause him to miss his connecting flight.

Esther had the worst meltdown I've seen yet- all afternoon.

Gabby was already upset about leaving the other kids playing outside and the possibility of no Chinese food when she asked if they weren't going to get Daddy and Sarah had to tell her no. 

Sarah had already made dinner for Jordan's homecoming but it was for him so, to Gabby's delight, out we went to the Honeoye-Falls for the Chinese buffet. 

Jordan called and said he managed to get on a flight that would get him out of Atlanta and into Rochester at 11PM- six hours later than planned. Sarah was so done.

Shannon Puffer, a friend of Sarah's sister Debbie came over with Deb to finish the sign for Jordan.

Michelle Chapman came over with the sign she and her son Samuel had made and they hung it outside before we went to the airport.

Waiting for his luggage.

The girls had already been asleep for a long time when they got back so Sarah and Jordan finally switched phones. When she went down to meet his first plane in from Afghanistan they'd also gone out to get new phones and hers wasn't available yet so he while he was there for the last two weeks, he got it for her. "She made me have the girl phone!" he whispered. 

*Walk home before going through the Atlanta airport because it will most probably be faster.  

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