Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tango Cafe

Light dripped from the ceilings and ran onto the floor in frothy, white pools and streams. It illuminated and shadowed slow, languid dancing and the staccato kicks of ballroom heels. 

The Tango Cafe on Gregory street was alive with Vaudville music pouring through the speakers and the black and white films of the 30's and 40's flickering on the billowing white sheet that hung in the middle of the room. They watched and they danced with their own lovers and the loves of others. 

I used a tilt-shift lens for the first half of the night and a 35mm with gelled flash. These are pretty much raw with only the colour balance adjusted on the ones without flash- no cropping. Just the way I like it. 

Many thanks to Prisca Edwards for inviting me to shoot with her tonight!

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