Sunday, May 15, 2011

While You Were Fighting: Home at Last II/II

They'd been worried about how long it would take for Esther to warm up to Jordan and she wasn't that thrilled at first. Who would be when you woke up your mom at 5:45AM?

Juli ran in as soon as she woke up.

It took Esther all of 15 minutes to warm up to Jordan. 

Getting an eyelash during breakfast

Sarah is so tired. At least Jordan's doing the diaper change!

At long last!

They're all back together again- for good! Everyone had so many emotions going on it was crazy to watch. Sarah was really tired this morning after Esther woke up at 5:45AM. The day before had been emotionally rough on Sarah and I think the fatigue carried over into today. 

It started yesterday around 2 or 3PM when Jordan's plane in Atlanta was delayed and he missed his connecting flight. "Say you're coming home to see your family and it's been a year!" Sarah told him on the phone. Around 8PM Jordan called to say instead of coming in the next day as had been rescheduled, he'd gotten onto a flight that would get him into Rochester at 11PM. The girls were all over the place emotionally which exacerbated Sarah's strained emotional state. 

A friend of Sarah's came over while she was putting the girls to bed and making a sign for Jordan and then Sarah's sister Debbie and her friend Shannon came over to finish the sign. Michelle also came down and she and Sarah put up the big welcome home sign. Then Sarah and I finally headed off to Walmart and the airport. 

The plan had been to meet him at 5PM at the gate in Rochester with the girls and with family and friends. That didn't happen. Later, Jordan called as we were leaving Walmart and said his plane had landed early. Of course it did! Sarah drove like mad through heavy rain and when we got inside we ran down the airport from concourse A to B and Jordan had snuck around the corner to ham it up like he'd been there forever but then they ran and kissed and I had to try and hold the camera steady. Jordan's luggage miraculously made it to the airport and we drove back home. He told a couple of stories along the way and had a little dinner with Sarah as they switched phones. Juli didn't even notice when he snuck into his and Sarah's room to move Juli into her own bed- something Sarah has been doing. 

I slept on the couch and woke up for the hugging from the girls and church by 9AM. Amazing that Sarah has gotten those girls ready and to church on time this last year. She something about how glad she was to not do it alone since she's done it alone for about fifty services.  A year is a long time! I hope she gets a nap today. 

Welcome home Specialist Jordan Fulton!

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