Monday, November 28, 2011

Olive Picking

Viola, the boxer

view from our first tree this morning

Our host Lucio was a travelling photographer in another life and has, of all things, a Leica M6 and a Canon 5D! I haven't been shooting much because we go out at sunrise and come in when it's getting too dark to work. Today's the first time I took any photos while picking olives.  Bad photographer. But my feeling is it's the last few days we can pick olives before the season ends and that's what we're here to do. I'm going to bring my camera out from now on and see what I get but it's so big I knock it on the trees and always have to clean it. 

I'm envying the new Nikon 1 a friend introduced me to! It's small!

The other night I thought I'd mastered the art of starting a fire and sat in bed with the lights out talking on Skype (Ian went to sleep and unfortunately we're sharing a room yet again). My eyes started watering and it smelled smokey so finally I turned on the light and to my horror realize the stick on the stove was smoldering and had an orange glow. We were slowly going to die of smoke inhalation. With surprising dexterity at a strange lock, I threw open the windows and frantically waved the smoke out with lavish gestures. Ian never woke up and hasn't noticed the lingering scent of smoke. 

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