Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ciao, Italie!

We've made it- at long last, to Montanare, Italy. It's beautiful here and the sun has shined all day yesterday and all day today without a cloud in sight. I feel as though we made a sneaky escape from the rain and it just hasn't found us yet. 

Today Lucio, one of our hosts, took Joe (another WWOOFer from London) down to the olive mill. We waited for hours because even though Lucio had scheduled to come and press at 2, they weren't ready for a while after. Joe and I attempted to find our way to Cortona but since the road we were on only seemed to stem off into driveways, and Joe gave up rather quickly, we simply returned to the mill to await our fate. 

Also, for your entertainment, today everyone weighed themselves on the olive scale. Literally. We'd look over and see other people taking turns too so it wasn't just us. Joe and Lucio went and before I got on Lucio guessed and when I stepped on... well, it's been a long time since I've seen anyone's eyes bug out as much as his did. "WHOA!" His jaw dropped. I weigh a couple pounds more than Joe and a few less than Lucio but he did guess nearly thirty pounds underweight. I'll chalk it up to the fact I have definitely gained some muscle but should probably pick up running again...


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