Monday, February 14, 2011

What a Weekend

Unfazed. Doesn't everyone grow up very differently? Candy's grandmother is Betty who works in the kitchen and fairly dives out of sight every time I raise my camera. It's not a genetic trait! Candy grins and makes sure she's in the frame every time.

In other news...
Yesterday was good shooting (though, I found out the guy who follows me everywhere has schizophrenia) but when I got to my car it had unlocked itself with my $700 car radio, laptop, and hard drives with all of my work on them sitting in the back seat. Naturally, I called AAA and the dispatcher didn't hurry it along until a man with gold teeth ripped open my door and demanded to know why I locked my doors when I saw a black man comin'. Since I'd left my door unlocked he promised, with alcohol tainted breath, that he'd watch out for me. "Oh my!" The dispatcher exclaimed overhearing him. She then asked for my number for the third time, thanked me profusely for being a member for two years and then sent the dispatch through. So I cut and reconnected wires in my still disconnected radio as I called my mom "just to say hi"while I waited in case anyone else came over to harass me. My theory of protection was nobody messes with yo mama. If you're on the phone with her, they'll go away. 

The AAA lady's theory of my unresponsive car was that the anti-theft had been tripped. That makes sense because anti-theft systems usually unlock all of the doors and render the car free for the stripping without any alarm sounding... Don't they?

Later, my roommate let me borrow her car to go get the newspaper. Curse that assignment for class! Her car is automatic and I rely on shifting to unconsciously monitor my speed. Going by the auto shop I decided to turn around and check the hours (so I could jump my car and get there for fixing in the morning) only to find lights in the mirror that pulled me over in the auto shop for speeding. He believed nothing I said but let me go.

After my car didn't respond this morning I got out and said hello to a passing biker. He said happy Valentine's day to me. Oh, is today the day to celebrate love? I'll just be happy if my car starts and I can shower.

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