Thursday, February 24, 2011

What We Do Show

Men slaughter a goat to be grilled for a party at a missionary base in Tengeru, Tanzania on 14 July 2010. 

Sister Rita Lewis, a full-time volunteer for 25 years at the House of Mercy homeless shelter, steps outside to find an ambulance on 12 February 2011. The third call for an ambulance in three days came from a 21 year old woman with chest pain. Due to the harsh winter, more people are staying at the shelter which results in widespread illness. With the primary administrator in the hospital, the weight of running the shelter is now on Sister Rita.

These are the narcissistic results.

- Out of 30, my story came in right behind honorable mention. Close, but no cigar.
- The decapitated goat photograph won honorable mention in the feature category out of a lot of photos
- The judges said the memorable photographs were: two of mine from above and my friend Sarah's photograph of a hog about to be shot (you can follow her blog here)

I am now sure I made the right decision to quit the crew team. It killed me at the time but because of being able to focus and lose sleep, my story came together in only three afternoons. I edited, printed and compiled everything alone and did well. I hate for people to see my work before I've given it my best so I wanted to see where my work would stand with me doing it on my own. (My mom was not surprised when I mentioned that part. Oh mum, you know me too well.)

The show was such an awesome opportunity to see everyone's work from the year!