Friday, February 4, 2011


This morning when I awoke my nose hadn't bled while I slept for the first time in months. The sun was shining which meant the skies had been clear all night and the snow outside was still winking and sparkling. Wandering around like a mining dwarf blinking in the sunlight I stepped into a stream of beautiful, golden rays. So rare for Rochester this time of year, or anytime but summer truly. It's a marker of sorts. Today was the day I officially left the crew team. I was awake at 7AM and went back to bed until 8 because I was sick and, admittedly, I could. My team had been up practicing  since 5:30AM and I was exhausted from staying up late and getting up early to edit and print the last few days.

Tonight I ran into my favorite professor at Wegmans. Or to be honest, I saw his car and suddenly decided I too needed to be in Wegmans. He has a lovely wife and he knew W. Eugene Smith. At Canaltown Coffee I staked out a place to go through my work for the What We Do Show coming up and hopefully meet my policeman friend Vinny to ask for a ride along. Instead I ran into a regular and invited myself to his fencing class which led to an invitation to come to a legit, medieval fencing event here in Rochester. If I don't find medieval garb to wear I will be considered naked! It was a good night that wouldn't have happened if I were on the team.

Today my nose ceased bleeding and with the official decision to leave, the rowing heart in me did as well. A person can rail against their decision or as Coach Freddie wisely told me, "keep calm, carry on". I hope someday I have a chance to row again.

Van Morrison is a really great listening. If anyone wants to hit up the gym, I'm in decent shape and am already feeling the weight of not working out everyday. Literally.


  1. You sound very peaceful in your decision to leave the rowing team. I could tell it was weighing on your mind.

    It's amazing how life leads us on this great little mole trails when we allow it to. Which leads me to thought of "Gee, I hope she finds some medieval clothes to wear!" :)

    Have fun "naked" or not!

    And you know, it wouldn't be the same but you could buy a rowing machine - we have a concept 2 and love it. Maybe that is profanity in the rowing world though. . .

  2. Oh, naked I will not be!

    I've thought about buying an erg (I envied yours on Facebook already) and the main conclusion I've come to is an erg would cost as much as a motorcycle. If I'm going to roll with the big, bad philanthropic bikers of Conesus Lake MC I'd better have my own wheels.

  3. This is very true. It would be hard to roll with those BBPBs on flat feet.