Tuesday, February 22, 2011

These are the Days

I really know nothing, when I sing sometimes it helps
These are the days they say we'll remember
These are the sounds that will haunt you forever
This is the way the sun feels on your two shades darker skin. 
- A Big Boat and a Bunch of Fir Trees, by The Way Much

I've been MIA, but to be fair I warned you in week nine not to look for me. Today was the seemingly unending News Media critique and the end of the winter quarter. The above photo is one of a few I took in an attempt to stay sleep long enough for class. This class also signals the beginning of last quarter I will be at RIT for at least a year as I'm taking next year off. While it is "just school" it's also a vital time for us PJ kids. We're in such a transitional state right now with a lot of decisions in front of us such as, should we keep editing or shower? They say we'll remember these days. 

Insert commercial break here. 

Cool story about the lyrics above begins... Now! Two years ago this very moment I was in Tanzania just crawling out of my damp tent by a river. I imagine there is sun unlike here in Rochester. A guy named Levi was on the trip who would play guitar and back in California he had this friend Jesse Borden who he would talk about sometimes. This last summer my boyfriend at the time had a friend Trevor Borden who's family lived outside Arusha. Trevor and his brother Jesse went to Westmont College with Levi! A few nights before I left all the ex-pats/missionaries I lived with went to the Blue Heron to hear Jesse and Trevor play and their sister Heather got up on stage and sang her song with them. Turns out they have a band. 

Sometimes life is really sweet. 

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