Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bad Mind, Bad Body

It's important to know that people have bad days. Like even though my diet is on-point, I'm still fighting being sick and even though I'm doing combat conditioning and extra bag work and pads, I still feel slow and drained. Super slow today. 

Some days are good but today was not one of them. After Monday when my teammate Jake loosened my sub-scapula from the clutches of my lat muscles, I felt amazing. So loose and strong. Today was far from that. A new assignment at work that started today is aggressively worsening my shoulder to the point where I'm considering finding another job.

Knee pain during squats from poor form caused by a lingering ankle issue that happened in February on vacation. It's also noticeably affecting my left kick since Muay Thai kicks are thrown with the shin using power from the hip- a rotation that somewhat occurs off of the right ankle. Below is how it's done. 

Adding insult to injury, probably literally, I haven't been sleeping well again. The hardest part of training occurs in the mind, not the body usually. If your mind is right, all else follows. If the opposite is true, the body follows suit. My personal life is currently changing and I am considering even bigger changes down the not-so-distant road which keeps me up at night wondering what I'm doing as I put together an application. 

The one consolation I have is that in a few weeks I'll be able to train more and have one day off during the week. OK, the other consolation is that supposedly we learn more from mistakes and bad days than we do from good days. Today, I learned a new sub-scap exercise. Tomorrow we will see if housing butternut squash and quinoa soup makes you fatter. 

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