Tuesday, October 18, 2016

1 Day, 1 Month 'til the Fight

Slap, slap, slap, slap.

My sweat-soaked braided ponytail hits my back as I trot to the bathroom for what seems like the thirtieth time today. Drinking around 2 gallons of water a day will do that.

Tonight was fun, though. Had a chiropractor appointment after work, grabbed coffee at my favorite spot, Ugly Duck (which my phone sometimes auto-corrects to Ugly Fuck when I text people), and headed to the gym at 5pm.

Tuesday's schedule is:
5- 6pm Combat conditioning
6- 7pm Thai pads/striking
7- 8pm jiu jitsu
8- 9pm grappling/rolling

I felt good today after rolling last night so decided to roll for half of grappling tonight. Could use to sweat out some water weight and practice. Almost everyone else in camp leaves after class so I figure at least I'm working if not hitting bags.

It was a huge relief to see the numbers lower on the scale after every class. By 9pm, after 25' on the spin bike after rolling, I'd cut from 160.8 to 156.0. With the weigh-ins you get a pound of wiggle room so I could have weighed in tonight for the fight and been on weight which is great a month out. It's nerve-wracking though. Women's bodies are different than men's.

Every three weeks our bodies just flip out hormonally and sometimes it's predictable but we're always changing so one menstrual cycle could have your body retaining a lot of water for a few days and the next could not. There's a lot of different outcomes so unlike men, we can't just skate by in case our bodies decide to hold on to three or four pounds for a few days. That could have us over-weight for a weigh- in when in 24 hours we could be below weight. All because of hormones.

By the way, this is rolling:

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