Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bucket List. For Life.

Be not afraid of absurdity; do not shrink from the fantastic. Within a dilemma, choose the most unheard-of, the most dangerous solution. Be brave, be brave! - The Cardinal in Isak Dinesen's A Deluge at Norderney

I don't want to not do something just because it's unpopular or unsafe. I'd rather not die just yet but I could just go. I simply don't want to suddenly be stricken to my death bed dying to be dying somewhere else. 

I read the other day that Heaven has a sound like hundreds of wings in flight. It's my favorite sound in the world. So I could go, but as long as I'm here...

Oldonyo Lengai

Go To
Thailand, eat mango sticky rice and see the candlelight balloon release
Brazil, see the Amazon R. and Christ the Redeemer statue
Israel, float in the Dead Sea and walk where Jesus did
to the Serengeti in Tanzania to see the wildebeest migration
to Kalahari Desert, Botswana for the first rain of the season on the Okavango Delta
Namibia, camp out, check out the world's longest water slide (if it's been built), see the second largest canyon in the world
California, camp in Yosemite and the red wood forest
Lake Naivasha and Lake Natron for the flamingos
the Sahara
Australia, Sydney and the outback
Cape Town & Durban, South Africa
Monument Valley, Utah
Zanzibar, Old Stone Town, ride on a motorbike
New York City, take a taxi, take the subway
Paris, eat a croissant, go to Notre Dame Cathedral
Italy, eat a cannoli, go to Tuscany
New Zealand
Arusha, Tanzania
London, master the Underground, go to the Tower of London

to make sun-dried tomatoes
how to lay bricks
to hot-wire a car
to pick locks
to make pavlova
to play the violin and/or cello
to drive a lorry 
to work a chainsaw 
to operate a tractor
the Argentinian tango (it looks the best on YouTube)
emergency response things like how to stop bleeding and set bone
to speak at least two other languages fluently, including Swahili
to knit hats, socks, and a blanket
to run the family cabin alone
how to dress a dead animal 
to fly a plane
how to roll my Rs
learn self-defense
to play rugby
how to successfully graft plants
to cook polenta and cheese
to swim better. like laps and that. 
to play the djembe (I tried enough to realize I don't have great rhythm and don't enjoy it)
drive a manual on the other side of the road
to shoot a gun
how to use a Hasselblad
to ride a horse
how to change oil on cars
to milk a cow
make rice without the fire alarm going off

bridge jumping
to a desert for that one time of year it rains
run in tide pools with phosphorous in them (again!)
swimming/diving in the Great Barrier Reef
on a hunting trip
on a road trip for as little money as possible- beans and rice every day sort of trip
on a date
on a roller coaster
skinny dipping
paint balling 

Own a
Land Cruiser
.22 single-shot rifle
house with a long driveway with trees lining it and a porch with a view of the sunset
pair of black combat boots (I had a pair but they were too big) 
pair of aviators
little black dress

go out in a killer pair of fashionable but outrageously high heels and look good in them
try eating gross things including but not limited to: grubs, bugs, and that Maasai concoction
tame a zebra/have one as a pet
overcome my extreme distaste for and need to escape cockroaches 
scare fainting goats into fainting
make a quilt or duvet cover
try a deep fried Snickers bar
write a book
drive a 6 speed car
have a pet monkey
get a deeper SCUBA license cert.
survive a bout(s) with malaria
donate my hair to Locks of Love one last time (fulfilling the goal of 3x)
get my picture taken in front of the Durban, S.A. city hall/parliament building to have it match the one of me in Belfast
have a wild and beautiful vegetable/flower garden with heaps of peonies
have dinner with my grandmother every week I'm in town
go out on a date with my parents every week I'm with them
adopt a kid (or two)
have a hard, manual labor job outside
ride in a hot air balloon
work on a coffee plantation
save a life
ride a camel
try wearing blue contact lenses
keep a feather collection
take someone out for dinner once a month
meet someone I admire (Sam Childers who's life inspired the movie The Machine Gun Preacher)
get a motorcycle license 
have my own darkroom
kiss someone I love
try fried-dough
try cotton candy
try being vegan
drive a convertible
work in a coffee shop
run out of gas and have to walk for gas 
get a tattoo
run up The Hill on our aptly named Stone Hill Rd
grow out my armpit hair (thank you No-Shave November 2011)
work in a stable with horses
eat a whole hamburger and hotdog
have an opinion printed in a magazine
spend a night in an airport (T4 Madrid is very nice and warm)
Moby Dick, Herman Melville
Catch 22 (I only read until I found out what the Catch 22 is)
Chronicles of Narnia (in order)
Knowledge of the Holy, A.W. Tozer
Confessions, St. Augustine
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, Alexander McCall Smith (I only have The Good Husband of Zebra Drive, hint, hint)
Cost of Discipleship, Deitrich Bonhoeffer
the entire Bible in a year

the sun rise and set on the Grand Canyon
a pride of lions take down an animal and eat it
goats in trees
the mosque in Djenne
the pyramids at Giza
Lake Victoria Falls (with my Uncle Deano if possible)
salt flats
an albatross
my dad get to know Jesus
U2 in concert
a hyena 
Fight Club
the Rosetta Stone
aurora borealis
meteor shower

That leaves a little over seven years to get crack-a-lackin' before I turn thirty.  I hope some of you will come with me on these adventures, because I don't want to be doing them alone!

Other lists I've started:

If I could have any job in the world…
a transporter/driver
FBI agent/investigator
videographer for BBC or the like
teach people about Africa and show it to them
horse caretaker
screen printer for t-shirts
race car driver

If I could do anything not supernatural... 
ride in an endurance race, horseback, on a motorcycle, in a truck, whatever.
eradicate mosquitos and cure malaria
have a pet hyena
have an incredible singing voice and go busking
marry my best friend and love and be loved by him all my life (sorry, no one on the horizon, folks)
have as many dogs as I'd want
be able to make leg hair to grow and disappear at will with my mind
have half of me in a rain storm and half out
win the gallon challenge and the saltine cracker challenge
ride a zebra bareback and chase an ostrich
own a skull and row every day
end racism and social class divisions
understand math
cure my fear of falling
give my life for someone

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  1. Somehow I feel like making leg hair grow and disappear at will with your mind must be supernatural...