Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 Bucket List

We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again. -Nathaniel Greene

2012 Bucket List
California, Yosemite and red wood forest
run in the Lilac Festival 10K
learn to work a chainsaw
learn to operate a tractor
learn to knit hats, socks, and a blanket
learn how to run the family cabin alone
learn how to play rugby
learn to cook polenta and cheese
(start to learn self-defense)
go bridge jumping
buy a motorbike
get some black combat boots (if my Tims wear out)
go out in a killer pair of heels
overcome my fear of cockroaches
try a deep fried Snickers bar
try wearing blue contact lenses
take someone out for or make dinner once a month
go out on a date with my parents every week
meet with a mentor every week
make a budget with a money man and stick to it
save percentage of every paycheck for the future and travelling
have a picnic with my friends 
read the Bible in a year
go skinny dipping
swim in a river
cook a nice dinner once a week
have a sabbath day
make pavlova
make sun-dried tomatoes
start a feather collection
learn to swim better/do laps

Totally doable. Though I don't know if I'll actually buy a motorbike this year or if I'll wait for a more weather suitable environment, but it's like everything else on this list: give it a go. Some of it I might fail at accomplishing but like Greene said, "rise, and fight again". 

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