Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Blog Stats

Pageviews all time history: 6,714

Top post titles: Lamb Brain for Lunch, While You Were Fighting: Day 1, & Italy's Most Eligible and Unshaved Bachelorette

Some top keywords that led to this blog: japanese unshaved girl, unshaved female armpit, unshaved leg, empty gallon, emt with patient, girl smeared shit cow, locks of love, & look it up often.

Country views:
US- 5,007
UK- 344
Canada- 215
Russia- 183
Italy- 130
Germany- 92
Tanzania- 83
Denmark- 71
France- 37
India- 28

Other countries... New Zealand, Argentina, Columbia, Namibia, Brazil, Austria, Spain, Australia, Egypt, Czech Republic, & Portugal

And this is the ray of sunshine herself trying to get internet reception in Matamata last week. I'm still basking in the wonders of wifi for another day. Now do you understand why blogging's been tricky?

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