Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Starting Over for Keeps

This week, I'm getting back ABV (alcohol by volume) results and am officially going to be a part of an LLC. My contribution will be the Booch Babe kombucha (I already exist as half of the Boocha Babes and we're on Instagram @boochababes since Sarah thought Boocha Bitches would taint her professional life as a photojournalist). Since Sarah lives far away, I'll be single babe-ing it in Rochester and I'm not flipping out at all.

That'd be sarcastic normally, but it's not. I'm excited. It's become obvious I'll always be starting over and quickly working up to leadership positions in companies and I may as well invest my time and efforts in running my own show. This will likely include other people but I'm pretty much over working for other people.

So while in the process of possibly being accepted into the Rochester Police Department it seems a more creative endeavor is paving its own course. I realized I should just pick something I like and work my ass off and enjoy my life instead of worrying if I'm making my dad proud or about committing to staying in one place for a while.

I have a fantastic life here. If this isn't living, what is? Having relationships with people are what matter more than a bank account. Falling into bed every night exhausted from being choked and getting submitted at the gym after working all day makes me happy. I am so glad for the last year of emotional struggles because I'm where I am now and I can't believe I'm saying it.

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