Monday, October 29, 2012

Head of the Charles Regatta 2012

David Gasser passes off a PB&J to Coach Jim 

Women's collegiate four

View from Eliot Bridge near the end of the course. 

Mini Cooper makes an appearance...

The women's 4 talks with Coach Carla over the phone before their race. 

Coach and alumni Chris Guerra shakes hands with Chris Massey before the race.

Jon Massari and  Sean Kennelly sporting their RIT Crew hats and Resolute tattoos

Anna- Marie Lee prepares for the race with a Go-Pro camera attached to her hat. 

Anna-Marie Lee steers the boat under the Eliot bridge- the final bridge of the race- with Nicole Conway in bow. 

Morgan Mowins, Devan Musa, Dani Absi, and Nicole Conway compete in the women's 4 with Anna-Marie Lee coxing. 

Jon Massari, Chris Massey, Sean Kennelly, and David Gasser compete in the men's 4 with T.J. Binotto as coxswain.

Morgan Mowins embraces her mom after her last race as a collegiate rower at HOCR.

Two weekends ago, which seems like ages ago, I went with my team as the photographer for the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, MA. Even though I wasn't rowing, it was heaps of fun hanging out with the team and getting the chance to get some pictures of everyone. 

This was my boat at our race last weekend at Head of the Fish in Saratoga Springs. 

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