Monday, October 15, 2012

En-Kata Choir Maasai Visit

In the foreground, Neema and Shelley hold hands while Elisaba watches. Natasha and Namayani smile as Petro gives them a thumbs up for his good move in Angry Birds. 

Jeremy Feser plays foosbal against Jeremy Stephensen and Ezekiel while Yona and Shelley watch. 

Cedric Horne looks up music videos of the En-Kata Choir produced by Pamoja Ministries. Ezekiel, Yona, Petro and Neema look on. 

Jeremy takes on Petro, Ezekiel, and Maliaki in foosball with one hand while Namayani quietly watches.

Namayani rejoices after Jeremy Feser beats the three Maasai men at foosball. 

Petro gives Namayani a lift to reach the cross fit bars on our way out. Ezekial and Yona look on after already having their turn. 

Follow the Maasai at their website En-Kata Choir to see if they'll be in your area or if they've performed impromptu performances at McDonalds lately. They'll be back in the Rochester area in two weeks. Scroll below the latest blog post on the home site to see their schedule. 

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