Friday, September 28, 2012

DC Day 4: USA Today & Ed Week

Today wasn't as full as the others in some ways, but going to the crystal palace that is USA Today's building was actually pretty fun. We had the chance to eat lunch with some of the men working there and further discussion with our professor after they left. I personally appreciate discussions like those more now that I'm no longer in his classes.  Truly, I'm not just saying that because he'll be reading this blog as part of a grade.

USA Today 
...was an excellent source for quotes. A selection from Andy, Mike and Sean the photo editors/shooters:

"I work every shift you can think of...Every dirty job...and all the good stuff too."

"The ones with business skills do much better. Market yourself. Identify with new skills needed to be acquired."

"You gota know what's going on in the world...The worst thing you could do is say, 'Who's that?' Gotta know."

"Communicating is really important. Being ahead of stories and having everything prepared. Being positive as much as you can. Enjoy your work as much as you can."

"The further along you get, the more you get shuffled into specific areas of expertise."

Looking for creativity, proven ability in subject matter assigned. Looking for something the general group wouldn't get. Everyone can get the catch. A different angle, a different look. Technical proficiency, more consideration to hire those worked with before or those who pitch ideas.

Education Week
with Charlie Borst

Looking for:
- communication skills
- passion for photography
- a POV

"I need people who take risks."

"I pay too much to suffer mediocrity."

"If there's one thing I've learned- it's all about networking."

"Even a part-time job is better than no job."

"Spend enough time with your subjects so that they can be themselves around you. Those are the best pictures."


"There are going to be times you screw up and there are going to be times you succeed. Live for those moments."

"Have some kind of passion outside of photography."

"Most of all, have fun with what you do. We're so lucky to be photographers."

*Most of the places we've gone have said very similar things. 
It really comes down to this, GET SHIT DONE. 

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