Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 1: McClatchy & AP

Another year completely different than the last. I love it. Riding the metro, navigating streets, running through foreign parts Arlington, V.A. and hearing a multitude of languages all is a rush. After travelling for a while in countries where all the ticket directions and signs are in languages I don't speak well, being in Washington, D.C. is almost a breeze.

We started today's journey at McClatchy Tribune with Linda Epstein. What I took away:

Are you ever going to make any money doing this? Ehh.. There can be money to be found. In newspapers it all depends on how you market yourself.

She recommended John Harrington's book Best Business Practices for Photographers.

What are we looking for in photographers? Able to do an assignment without anyone holding their hand. Don't ever take an assignment you don't know how to do..but hand me a name of someone who can- I will never cross your name off my list. You saved me a lot of trouble finding someone else.

    - Research: know you you're working with/for
    - Don't send an e-mail every week. Send updates when warranted
Do be a self-starter, find a mentor, network, look at other photographers' work
Don't underestimate your work and give your photos away for free, overestimate your abilities, "friend" an employer on Facebook

Photographers to check out: Olivier Douliery, Jonathan Alcorn, Tom Pennington "rocks", David BergmanScott Strazzante

*INCOMPLETE* No internet at the place I'm staying and Starbucks is closing. Continue tomorrow.

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