Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mumford & Sons Concert

There must have been thousands of people. Mumford & Sons were indelible. 
*The top photo does not have the pixelation before uploading. 


On a completely hysterical note, the best line of the night was,
"I'm so high right now."
"Dude, that was oregano." 

There was a tremendous amount of pot being smoked everywhere and alcohol being consumed by obvious minors. My part in the night's illegal activities amounted to being stopped at security for having the forbidden "camera with a detachable lens". Luckily, he let us through anyway after telling me not to take any pictures and once I dumped out my clear, water- filled Camelback bottle. Sometimes I just want to ask, "Are you actually being intelligently serious with me right now? No." 

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