Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sheep Wrangling

A few days ago we went out with Bertie Kidd, a relative of ours, to help him vaccinate his sheep. The morning light was like Rochester's- shadowless and gray. However, the sun broke out as we climbed a mountain to retrieve more sheep (with real sheep dogs) to vaccinate. I helped at first with weighing them but my brother Ian helped catch the sheep and separate them while I took pictures. 

Bertie has lived on this farm all of his life. He has over seventy sheep that we've seen and twenty or so dairy cows. Some of the sheep are lambs and are too young for the rams to mate with so Bertie separated the rams out to a different pasture. 

I have to be honest, I'm completely overwhelmed at the thought of trying to catch up on everything we've been doing so I'm just going to post here and there to explain. 

We also milked cows on our first day which was far messier than I'd imagined. For some reason I had hay, a red bucket and 101 dalmatian puppies running around in a milking scenario. Not so. Vaccinating sheep wasn't much cleaner but riding in the trailer back and forth to the farm was fun. I don't think the sheep appreciated our company though!

I apologize for the lack of verbal variety! If I get a chance tomorrow I'll whip up something a little more explanatory and pleasant to read than this. 

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