Friday, October 14, 2011

Fare Thee Well Ireland

our cousin Heather at Portrush Golf course, 11 October 2011

Ian in Glenariff Park, N. Ireland, 12 October 2011

While I'm waiting for Ian to wake up from his beauty sleep, I thought I'd take a break from planning our attack on London to post. 

We left Belfast yesterday afternoon and arrived in London last night. Miraculously, we did not get lost with the help of the friendly ticket counter workers and my friend's marvelous directions.

 Personally, I'd rather hit London in a couple of days and move on but Ian goes at a slower pace than I do. We're both having to make a lot of compromises on this trip- not negative ones, but compromises nonetheless. 

In other news, to my inexhaustible delight, there's wifi at the place we're staying which means my Nook downloaded Katie Davis' book! 


  1. working through 1000 gifts right now. need to read slowly and digest. amazing:) read it soon, ok? kisses from katie next on the list ONLY after I finish When Helping Hurts.

  2. Um, we have the same reading list. Except I started Katie's book last night (I'm talking about her like we're best friends now) and have sobbed my way through. I'm not sure which book I'll hit up next though. 1000 gifts will have to wait a bit.