Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Bit of Change

Last night, I slept outside on a bed under the mosquito net and drank rooibos tea as I read the strong words of Desmond Tutu- an outspoken South African bishop. My heart felt a little closer to home out there. The last time I slept on a bed with a net was in July on my friend Kirsty's porch that overlooked Kilimanjaro. 

 The whole bit was fantastic until 2:45AM when the heavy rains came in and I woke up and stuck my hand in the grassy puke my dog had thrown up next to me on the bed. The trip to the public market with my mom and peony cutting festival made the vomit situation seem less volatile to my day. 

In other news...Oh, happy day! The cage is open! I've taken out a 24-70mm every time since no one is at school but transfer kids (of whom I was precisely two years ago). In a few weeks, I'll be the teaching assistant for Owen Butler- the same class I took way back when. I also regained full library access so I stocked up on Desmond Tutu, Nat Geo, and other photo books. 

Can I just say, it's so good to be out of school and back in the world where life doesn't revolve around professors and critiques. I can shoot simply because I love shooting and because I want to get better, not for a grade. How people miss school is something I will never understand. 

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