Friday, June 24, 2011

I Love you in the Morning

This is my life right now; strawberries and photographs. 

I know not everyone lives like my family. But, after my friend Vince and I went out for some male bonding, I realised it more than before. With my great grandfather's .22 we walked in a field and he said he'd always wanted to shoot a gun in a wheat field. We hunted crows barefoot, ate dinner on the porch with my grandparents, and drank fresh milk from the farm. This morning, I let the chickens out, collected eggs, made biscuits from scratch (my mom even grinds the flour); and picked, washed, cut, bagged, and froze the berries. 

Now, Ian and I are watching Pulp Fiction and my roommate Steph texted me to say she had a dream that we lived in an apartment in New York City together. It's a good life. 

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