Sunday, January 16, 2011

House of Mercy

 There are times when one cannot afford to wait and form relationships with people before photographing them but right now my best work comes when I've actually sat down and talked with people for a few minutes. The House of Mercy is one of those new places that's starting to feel like a friend. Today was the first time I determined I would not leave without something to show for it. While my class assignment is one person, I'm venturing to find my own story and am finding more success in starting with the Gestalt principle. In math class, I would only understand the last chapter's equations after I'd begun the next chapter. Once I could see where it all fit in the more complex equation I could see the relationship between the necessary individual equations. 
Today I shot before, during and after dinner was served.


  1. I like this set, Jesse. It tells a story and I always enjoy a story made of photographs.

  2. Thanks Andrea! All I ever hear is, "what's the story?" It's a work, with some progress :)