Monday, January 21, 2013

The Perfect Supplement: Fully Realized

On Saturday Autumn showed me the building she's hoping to buy/be given/have transformed by Extreme Home Makeover to make into the official Sent By Raven's Food Pantry- birthed out of the idea of all the waste she's seen dumpster diving. Obviously, the food for the pantry won't be pulled from the trash but with a 501C-3 form that she just paid and applied for the food pantry will be able to go to grocery stores we know are wasting food and ask them for it before it "hits the bins". She's working with a lawyer, builder, accountant, and a slew of other people who can get this project off the ground and up and running. 

Today, we did a short interview at her house and the cover image is pulled from the video. I have to say, it was pretty fun! 

Here's a mock layout I did quickly as an experiment. Sorry for any typos, it's 1:20am here. 

*Distributing. Not districuting. 

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