Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Falconry: Day 3

On Friday the 14th, the girls didn't catch anything for two hours. Al moved to a different place after I left and they caught a couple squirrels. These are edited still frames from video I shot. So far, over three days, I've devoted a single day for photo, audio and video, respectively. As the season continues I will likely pick and choose a little more to get a solid base for a piece then improve everything as time goes on.

I really love the top two. Even though the birds don't have any affection for Al like a pet dog would and the girls are still wild, that doesn't keep them from growing on Al. He truly loves and cares for his birds. 

Some of the other photos are better quality for sure but they lack the emotional and connection that I was searching for when I began this story. It's great to not have the pressure of doing this for a class. I've gotten most of what goes on in one form or another it's just a matter of focusing the story and using the right media format for the right moments. 

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